Migration procedures

Residence procedures in Uruguay

Local legislation states that in order to work in Uruguay all foreign workers must obtain a residence permit (either temporary or permanent) at the correspondent public office: National Migration Office (NMO) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAA).

There are different categories of residence permits depending on nationality of the foreign worker and the duration of his/her stay in Uruguay:

  • “Short-term” working permit: is granted to those foreigners willing to work in Uruguay for less than 180 days.
  • Temporary: is required for those foreign individuals willing to stay in Uruguay for less than 2 years (could be extended for 2 additional years).
  • Permanent: is required to those foreigners who intend to live in Uruguay permanently, or once their Temporary Residence Permit expires.
  • Permanent Residence for Mercosur members and associates: all nationals of Mercosur country members and associates, and cohabitants, parents, brothers/sisters and grandchildren of Uruguayans can apply for a simplified permanent residence procedure before the MFAA.

Residence permits are granted without major requirements: proof of good behavior in the country of previous residence, a certificate of good health, vaccination certificate, certificate of means of subsistence, among others.

Some of the stages of the residence procedures, must be carried out personally, at the NMO or MFAA offices, and require the submission of referred documentation (among others).

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