Align talent with your business strategy.

Our objective is to identify and select talents, for which we employ different strategies adapted to our environment and the organization. The services we offer during the recruitment process may be hired independently. 

What services do we provide?

  • Candidate selection.
  • Compatibility analysis for efficient team building based on handwriting evaluation.
  • Psycho-labor evaluation.
  • Evaluation of potential.
  • Competence evaluation.
  • Assisted layoff program (outplacement).
  • Labor retirement program.

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Richard Moreira

Richard Moreira

Advisory partner and leader, PwC Uruguay

Tel: (+598) 2916 0463 ext. 1243

Geraldine Delfino

Geraldine Delfino

Advisory senior manager, PwC Uruguay

Tel: (+598) 2916 0463 ext. 1122

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