Align costs to the business strategy

Promote profitable growth that focuses on the main priorities of your organization.

Financial services

We offer different solutions, methodologies and tools to support organizations and make CFOs become more successful in their mission and duties. We assist them in the strategic planning and decision making involved during a rapid transition into an operational model that makes it more efficient and economical to do business.

  • Support in the design and/or implementation of strategic planning.
  • Financial and operational model for decision making.
  • Design and implementation of indicator systems and control panels.
  • Revision of financial models.
  • Design and implementation of indicator models and data analysis.

Enhancement of processes

We help build durable competitive advantages by identifying areas to invest in or rationalize, developing a transformative agenda for keeping a cost structure all along the value chain and implementing a organizational model consistent with profitable growth.

  • Redesign of processes.
  • Advice on the achievement of financial and administrative efficiency.
  • Design and implementation of cost systems.
  • Assessment and enhancement of sales and distribution channels.
  • Design and implementation of monitoring systems and implementation of support tools (metrics organizer).

Project management

Even in today’s dynamic and turbulent commercial environment, the alignment of strategies that optimize return on investment and reach a balance between the protection and growth of your business is crucial for an effective and profitable success.

  • Design and implementation of Project Management Offices (PMO).
  • Auditing of projects and evaluation of management practices.
  • Project assessment.
  • Training on project management, administration of project portfolios and support tools.

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Richard Moreira

Richard Moreira

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Rossana Grosso

Rossana Grosso

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Jorge Seré

Advisory director, PwC Uruguay

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