Business Continuity Planning Organizer

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BCPOrganizer’s general description

BCPOrganizer is a tool to assist companies in the integrated management of their business continuity. It acts a centralized repository that allows controlled access to Contingency Plans and Preventive Plans, while at the same time it automates most of the administration and maintenance tasks of these Plans.

In particular, regarding Contingency Plans, despite the fact that these plans are developed once and then maintained for many years, it is easier to find tools that support the developing process instead of the maintenance of the Plans after the first version. Therefore, our Firm designed BCPOrganizer initially with this requirement in mind, looking to provide organizations with a tool that makes this process effective and efficient.

BCPO guarantees the coordination (at the Task level) between Contigency Plans that have been defined as related, ensuring that no changes can be performed to those Tasks without the proper authorizations. In addition to that, the tool provides a valuable assistance to the testing and revision of these Plans, by supporting the planning, coordination and documentation of these processes.

Furthermore, with the new recently added modules, BCPOrganizer guides the execution of multiple Risk Analysis in different scenarios as a basis for the developing of Preventive Plans which can be developed by organizations looking to improve their preparedness level and enhance their overall Business Continuity Solution. BCPO also allows the documentation and administration of said Plans within the tool.

It’s important to note that this integrated approach to Business Continuity falls squarely within the requirements of the BS25999 standard, making BCPO an ideal tool for any organization that is looking into a certification in accordance to that standard.

The tool is available in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) to simplify its implementation and use in different countries.

Main features and benefits:
  • Manage all the contents of the Business Continuity Solution and other support information (Plans, roles of the Response Teams, team members and external parties, etc.).
    All the information is available in a centralized repository which is accessible, according to user privileges, from anywhere within the organization.
  • Support the Contingency Plan maintenance tasks by offering the following:
    • Gives the option to force a check/revision of all documents by their corresponding owner.
    • Automatically communicates all changes to relevant parties and ensures that proper authorizations are received before changing the Plans.
    • Manages the versioning in all the documents.
    All changes in the Plans are controlled and require valid approvals which are automatically requested by the application.

  • Control user access to all Plans and related information within the tool, using a combination of user name and password. Each user will have a profile that determines their access level to administrative and logging functions within BCPOrganizer, and a role within each Team to which they have been assigned.
    All access to information in the repository is properly controlled and allowed only for authorized personnel.

  • Print/Read any Plan at any time assuming the user has adequate access rights.
    Teams located in different offices can easily access or print the information they require.

  • Plan, coordinate and document the testing of a Plan or set of Plans.
    The tool significantly simplifies the tasks of personnel responsible for the Maintenance of the Plans, allowing them to create “Test Instances” (which are automatically coordinated with the Team leaders involved) and carry out the follow-up. The results of the tests will also be documented within BCPOrganizer, serving as both working papers for the organization and evidence for possibly obtaining third-party certifications (e.g. BS25999).

  • Monitor user activity by means of a detailed log accessible by users with sufficient privileges. The logs include not only user access to the repository but also every modification to the Plans and their components, as well as modifications requested, authorized and denied. Easy analysis of this information is provided by the different filtering, ordering and grouping modes available.
    Even for geographically disperse organizations, the monitoring functions make it easy to determine if the Plans are being maintained in a timely and effective fashion.

  • Perform a formal Risk Analysis in order to prepare a Preventive Plan.
    Considering the risks and controls identified during the analysis, the Preventive Plan will include both the necessary corrections (to improve issues that might cause a poor or excessively expensive recovery) and a guide to monitor those controls that have been deemed critical to maintain an adequate preparedness level.
Other characteristics:

BCPOrganizer manages an unlimited number of Contingency Plans, which will be composed of a number of Procedures that are documented in a format that simplifies their use during a contingency situation as well as making it easier to maintain them.

It’s also possible to attach any number of additional documents, in any format, as annexes to each Plan.

Each procedure will include:
  • Objectives
  • Required resources
  • Advice
  • Tasks
The idea of having concrete objectives for each Procedure that composes a Contigency Plan is preventing that they simply become a list of chained tasks that do not provide the Team responsible for its execution with any information about the actual goals of carrying it out. By explicitly listing the objectives, the Team knows what it is supposed to accomplish, regardless of any potential problems with particular tasks. In the same vein, the inclusion of the Required Resources and Advice sections attempts to improve the Team’s efficacy and efficiency during an actual contingency.


BCPOrganizer can manage an unlimited number of Response Teams, which in turn can be composed of any amount of people that is deemed necessary. Each person will have a specific role within a Team that determines their privilege level and access rights.

Technical Requirements:

The following tables present the basic technical requirements to install BCPOrganizer:
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® Family of Servers 2000/2003/2008

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle

Web/Application Server
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or higher
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Internet Explorer 7.0

Hardware Client Server
Required CPU Pentium III or equivalent Pentium III or equivalent
Required RAM 256 MB 512 MB
Recommended RAM 512 MB or higher 1 GB or higher